© John Beattie.

(Ex)Change Series

Facing my studio off Buckingham Street, Dublin north inner city, are two opposite facing buildings: (left) Buckingham Street residential homes, (right) a newly built modern block of apartments for forgien students.

To create some form of dialogue between these opposite spaces, I attempted to swop one space into the other and vica-versa using live feed cameras, monitors and specifically crafted drawing tools.

With a live feed camera in one living room sending a live image to a monitor to me on the street, I drew this image into the opposite living room across the road, viewing my progress and navigation with a live feed camera at the end of the drawing tool, connecting to a second monitor on the street. Thereby, transferring one living room into the other, and vica-versa.

After negotiating this work with the residences of Buckingham Street, and the students in Apartment no.4, both resulting drawings were left on the coffee tables where they were made. I will return to find out what became of the drawings and if anything resulted from this (Ex)Change.

Gallery text to accompany installation