© John Beattie.

Are we there yet?
Group show, curated by Fiona Mulholland.
The McGill Summer School, Co.Donegal
Supported by The Arts Council Projects Awards 2012.

Appropriating Ayn Rand's romantic novel The Fountainhead (1943), Beattie has developed a series of 35mm slide film projections illustrating a narrative from the point of view of the novel's main character, Howard Roark, a modernist architect in 1920's America. Like Rand's novel, Beattie's work Howard Roark would do the same, represents the struggle and triumph of individualism over collectivism. Beattie has used original plans, drawings and scale models of the unfinished and abandoned Anglo Irish Bank HQ Building in Dublin: a national monument symbolising the country's economic crash. The plans etc. were loaned by Traynor O'Toole Architects, Dublin; the audio narration is taken from the film The Fountainhead (Warner Brothers, 1949, directed by King Vidor) in which Gary Cooper as Howard Roark gives his famous closing speech defending his actions.

Gallery & catalogue text

'Howard Roark would do the same'

35mm slide projections, Kodak Ektapro Cine 9020, 80 carousel sequence, with audio narration. Duration: 17 mins, Produced 2012.

Are we there yet? brings together a group of visual artists' who have a strong connection with Donegal. The exhibition consists of work by John Beattie, Shea Dalton, Emily Mannion, Malcom McClay, Cathal McGinley, Maria McKinney, Chicory Miles, Locky Morris, Fiona Mulholland and Eamon O'Kane.